CarsmeUp Certified: Increase your selling opportunities, give confidence to the buyers!

You can get your car certified by CarsmeUp at any of these Cockpit centers in Thailand. Certifications will show the condition of your car to the buyers and inspire them more trust, as they prefer to purchase cars inspected by professionals.

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If you make your post a hot deal, it will be shown at the the top of the listings, in the Hot Deal section. Hot deals are vehicles sold with special discounts and give aways. Make your post a hot deal when you make an special offer for your car and your post will have the highests exposure to buyers.

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You can bump your car to make it jump to the top of the listings. Use bump to increase the visibility of your post for a limited time.

More products and services

Find below our selection of products for making your car ride more enjoyable

CarsmeUp certified

CarsmeUp Certified

Peace of mind when you buy a second hand car



All insurance types for all car models

Roadside assistance

Roadside Assistance

We take care of you 24/7, whatever problem you experience on the road, we will be by your side

B-Quik voucher

B-Quik Voucher

Planning to travel? Get a discounted maintenance (lubricant and filters) while you get your car checked, at any B-Quik center in Thailand. Have a safe trip!

Peace of Mind Package

Empower your car journey with CarsmeUp Certified for pre-purchase confidence and B-Quik for post-purchase maintenance ease


  • Rigorous Inspection: Our certified experts conduct a meticulous examination, assessing every component to ensure optimal functionality

  • Peace of Mind: Receive a detailed report outlining the car's condition, empowering you with knowledge to make informed decisions

  • Convenience: 250+ centers covering across Thailand


  • Efficient Maintenance: Utilize our voucher for swift and efficient service, including essential tasks like oil change, fuel filter replacement, and comprehensive 30-point checks

  • Proactive Care: Stay ahead of potential issues with regular maintenance, prolonging your car's lifespan and minimizing costly repairs

  • Convenience: 250+ centers covering across Thailand

Frequently Asked Questions

What does CarsmeUp Roadside Assistance 24/7 covers?

Our roadside assistance service covers common car issues such as flat tires, battery jump-starts, towing, lockouts, and fuel delivery, available 24/7, wherever you are.

How do I request roadside assistance?

Simply call our dedicated hotline. When you register you Roadside Assistance on CarsmeUp, you will receive a sticker with the hotline number. Upon receiving your call, our team will dispatch assistance to your location promptly.

Why do I need car inspection and certification?

Car inspection and certification are essential for ensuring your vehicle meets safety and regulatory standards, providing peace of mind for you and potential buyers. Vast majority of our clients prefer purchasing a car that has been previosly inspected.

What is included in the car inspection and certification service?

Our inspection service thoroughly assesses the vehicle's condition, including its mechanical components, safety features, and detecting structural damages. Upon passing the inspection, you'll receive a certification validating the car's condition

How can I use my B-Quik maintenance voucher?

You can activate it in our website, on your Profile Section, at Products and Services. Upon activation, you can make appointment at any B-Quik center in Thailand. While at B-Quik, you can show them the QR code voucher from the activation page, and then click the usage button so the voucher is used.
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